About 1d-net


Did you know?

The advanced 1D-NET technology can be used to create multiple revenue streams, and is not only designed to display digital advertising.

Alternative communication methods, for example in-house training, the distribution of educational material and other informative messages can also be displayed on 1D-NET enabled screens, targeting specific areas or even corporate groups.

What is 1D-NET?

The media world has entered an era of digitisation, personalisation and interaction, and 1D-NET is at the forefront of this innovation.

At its core, 1D-NET is a digital communications network based on a successful franchise business model. It offers real time digital advertising that is localised and targeted, and effectively allows you to take control of your brand.

Using 1D-NET's state-of-the-art technology, enabled with unique proprietary software, advertisers are able to instantly control their environment and messaging.