1. Impact
    Television is already a powerful advertising channel combining sight, sound and emotion. Now, ordinary screens are being used to transmit targeted, digital advertising messages, which increase the impact tenfold.

  2. Targeted
    Fact: most people shop within 10 kilometres of their home, and most businesses get 90% of their clientele from local trade. Any campaigns driven by 1D-NET are guaranteed to reach a highly targeted audience without wasting valuable advertising budget on viewers who are outside your targeted trade area.

  3. Unique Software IP
    1D-NET's unique, proprietary cloud-based software enables you to target consumers who have the specific demographic profile you want to attract.

  4. Reach your desired target audience
    You're able to target key 1D-NET venues in your territory with specific messaging that's tailor-made for the products you want to advertise.

  5. Greater exposure
    Regular visual advertising draws customers to your business. One of the key attractions of the 1D-NET solution is it enables you to reach potential customers multiple times a day across various venues. This means the chances of converting would-be customers into repeat, paying customers is much higher.

  6. Cost-effective advertising
    1D-NET rates are a fraction of the cost compared with traditional advertising channels such as TV, print and radio. In fact, digital advertising is the most cost-effective media solution available today.

  7. An easy, hassle-free way to place ads in multiple venues
    After just one visit with your 1D-NET franchisee, you'll have immediate access to a range of channels, time slots, available venues and demographic segments.

  8. Any Place, anywhere, anytime
    Take full advantage of the live TV network available to you and set up your ads across our extensive network in the venue(s) of your choice. Launching your ads is as easy as pushing a button.

  9. Commands viewer attention
    When used in-store or in forecourts, 1D-NET digital signage is particularly eye-catching and draws attention. Added to this it's instant, so you don't have to wait for potential customers to stumble on your ad in the newspaper or hope they hear about you on the radio.

  10. Fills the gaps
    1D-NET provides a medium that enhances and highlights all your existing advertising. Ultimately, it's the 'glue' that ties your promotional efforts into one powerful, unified message.