We provide our advertisers the tools to schedule live real-time ad campaigns targeted at specific regions, stores and even individual screens. Advertisers now have the power to strategically target mass audiences, thereby maximising the relevance and effectiveness of each advertising message. Coupled with the ability to control any screen with the push of a button, 1D-NET offers immense value to advertisers wishing to engage with a specific target audience. 

Designed for closed network environments, 1D-NET is a unique, affordable, and interactive solution. It targets specific digital platforms and devices, where one can present engaging advertising messages that really speak to the consumer.

Traditional advertising channels are no longer enough to push the sales you’re after. Today’s top consumers are demanding, and live in a digital, media-cluttered world. In order for businesses and advertisers to succeed on the level they’re aiming for, they need to approach and engage with consumers on an intellectual and emotional level.

1D-NET’s multi-faceted digital solution and product line is geared to help you achieve your goals, while at the same time allowing you to focus on the details of your advertising campaign.