The driving force of the unique 1D-NET business model lies in the first phase of 50 individual franchised territories that cover all commercial and residential areas of South Africa. Each pre-determined territory is franchised to and managed by a carefully selected 1D-NET franchisee. These franchisees are given full training on the business model and are provided with a proven business system with which to manage their franchise. They'll also have access to the top service providers and a committed franchisor team.

With full support and guidance from the franchisor, franchisees will establish and maintain their own successful digital advertising and communications network in their territories and selected venues. The franchisee's goal is to market advertising on the 1D-NET networks to local businesses and communities. In many instances, and for a fraction of the cost, this advertising will provide a viable alternative to traditional advertising channels such as newspaper and radio. Franchisees don't only stand to gain from local advertising revenue however, as the 1D-NET business model is geared to ensure they also get a share of the revenue from major corporate advertising and sponsorships brought in by the franchisor.