The 1D-NET digital solution is the first of its kind available in South Africa. Our streamlined business model is based on a similar successful European franchise, and we've conducted extensive market research to ensure that we're delivering a service that our local market wants and needs.

Recent market research studies have revealed the following:

Digital signage displays have been shown to increase:

When exposed to interactive in-store advertising:

When asked why digital is preferable to traditional advertising channels:

Top International corporate advertisers have revealed the following digital campaign research results:

  1. American Express
    In March 2010, American Express ran a digital signage campaign which showed awareness of the brand was an impressive 41% in forecourts. This led to a net increase in the usage of Amex cards by 7.2% in forecourts in the UK. (Source Exit interview research conducted by Amscreen and Lake Research)
  2. Coca-Cola
    Coca-Cola ran a two-week digital advertising campaign across a forecourt network in the UK to promote 500ml variants of Coca-Cola and Coke Zero. Independent Synovate / Litmus test and control EPOS studies showed a combined product increase of 36.6% by the end of the two-week campaign.
  3. Digital Signage Today
    A recent survey of strategic media planners, conducted by the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, revealed a significant increase in the percentage of digital place-based/out-of-home media spending coming out of online budgets. 
    Just over 40% of planners reported that they would fund their digital place-based media plans through online budgets. This is an increase of 75% over the 22.9 % who reported in a 2011 survey that they would tap online budgets to fund digital place-based media.